Cygolite Dash 450 USB


Hit the road anytime with the Dash Pro 450 – the sleek, versatile USB rechargeable headlight firing 450 lumens of light through an Enhanced Cycling Optic™ that covers a wide spread. Packed with advanced features like 24/7 Safety Technology™, avid road cyclists can see and be seen for safer night and day cycling. Side illumination ports highlight your presence to nearby motorists. Patent pending.


  • Powerful 450 lumen output
  • USB rechargeable internal Li-ion battery
  • Exclusive DayLightning™ mode boosts over 500 lumens of lightning-like flashes for increased daytime safety
  • Enhanced Cycling Optics™ (ECO) widens your field of vision and increases your visual profile
  • Water resistant design
  • 1:15 ~ 70 hr run time

Technology & Safety

  • 4 night modes: High, Medium, Low, SteadyPulse®
  • 3 day modes: DayLightning™, Quad LEDs Steady, Quad LEDs Flashing
  • 24/7 Safety Technology™: SteadyPulse® alerts night time motorists with pulse flashes while constantly lighting your path. DayLightning™ flash mode increases output to lightning-like flashes for increased rider safety in peak daylight
  • Side illumination ports highlight your presence to nearby motorists
  • Light mode memory, recalls last mode used
  • Low battery indicator
  • Versatite™ flexible mount attaches to most handlebars, including aero bars


  • LED Output: 450 Lumens
  • Total Modes: 7
  • Run Time: High 1.5hrs, Med 3hrs, Low 12hrs, SteadyPulse 3.5hrs, DayLighting 9hrs, Quad LED Steady 10hrs, Quad LED Flashing 70hrs
  • Charge Time: 4hrs
  • Mounting: Flexible handlebar mount
  • Battery: Internal Li-ion
  • Weight: 95g

This product includes: Headunit with integrated battery, Mini USB charging cable and Locktite™ tool-free handlebar mount

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